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:: Paul F Bennett

"Because they're young" (Duane Eddy - July 1960)
Mixed media on paper. Signed in pencil.- Image 55x76 cm

"Dead End Street"
(The Kinks - Nov 1966). Mixed media on paper. Signed & dated(20)16. Image size 32 x 50 cms

"We gotta get out of this place"
(The Animals - Aug 1965). Mixed media on paper. Signed & dated(20)16. Image size 31 x 48 cms

"Years may come, years may go" (Herman's Hermits - February 1970)
Mixed media on pape. Signed & dated (20)16- Image 33 cm x 00 cm

"The boat that I row"
(Lulu April 1967) Mixed media on paper. Signed & dated (20)17. Image size 46x31cm

"Homeward Bound "
(Simon & GarfunkelOil - March 1966) Signed mixed media on paper





Paul was born in Bury, Lancashire and studied at Salford College of Art. After leaving college he worked for an advertising agency in Manchester, eventually becoming a free lance illustrator/designer.

In 2015, after years of 'painting to order' he decided to go back to painting and drawing for himself. This has led him to his current style which is a combination of drawing and painting. He usually begins by working in pencil, watercolour and crayon, often with only one area of colour in the picture.

His love of 1960's and 70's classic pop songs has inspired him to create these nostalgic images, many of which epitomise life in some of the northwest towns of that period - the titles of the paintings copying the titles of the songs.

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