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:: GORDON RADFORD 1936-2015

'Albion Street, Oldham'
Signed oil on board. Image size 14x19 cm £550

'Bridgewater Canal Services'
Signed oil on board. Image size 14x19 cm £550

Signed oil on board. Image size 15x19 cm £550

'Nannies in the Park'
Signed oil on board. Image size 24x30 cm





'Rheims Cathedral'
Signed oil on board. Image size 15x20m

'Venice, San Giorgio Maggiore'
Signed oil on board. Image size 19x24m £850

Signed oil on board. Image size 15x20 cm £550

'NorthPier, Blackpool'
Watercolour.Signed on backboard with title & dedication dated 5.4.2003. Image size 13x16 cm £400










Gordon Radford was born in Manchester in 1936. He studied at Oldham School of Art from1951-53. He thenand trained as a designer and on leaving school he worked in eineering as an industrial designer.

Despite this he continued to paint throughout his life. He became a member vof the Oldham Art Society and in 1972 was elected member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts . His early work was mainly of industrial scenes, followed later by richly coloured and beautifully lit still life subjects. By the 1980's Gordon's work was influenced by that of Edward Seago and he began to paint coastal scenes mainly of Norfolk. He then fell in love with Venice. Using his wonderful ability to capture sunlight, he produced beautiful, atmospheric scenes of that famous city.

He has exhibited throughout the UK including the Royal Society of Painters in Oils and the Mall Gallery in London. He is represented in public collections at the Rochdale Art Gallery and the Astley Cheetham Gallery, Stalybridge, Cheshire and in numerous private collections.

Although his paintings show a delicacy and sensitivity in his portrayal of light, his use of colour is often vibrant and exciting.

Gordon died suddenly in September 2015.



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