'A Life of Colour'

A retrospective exhibition of work by the 'Grande Dame of Northern Art'

29 & 30th March 2014



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'Red fields and Farmhouse' £900

Oils on board 16 X 20 inches

'After the Storm' sold

Oils on board 14 x 16 inches

'Summer Heat' sold

Oils on board 11x9 inches


'Houses and Beach, St Ives' sold

Oils on board 22 x 19 inches

House by the Indre' £500

Oils on board 14 X 12 inches

'Sunflowers in Pot' sold

Oils on board 12 X 10 inches


'Provence Landscape' sold

Oils on board 25 X 30 inches


'Yorkshire Snow' sold

Oils on board 10 X 12 inches


'Dahlias' £1,600

Oils oncanvas 24 x 20 inches

'Hyacinth' £500

Oils on board 12 X 12 inches









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